Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Photo Dump

Lately, lots of things have been going on and it's hard to have the time to blog! Nonetheless keep up with daily activities, work, work on the house and still have time to sleep. How do my friends with children do this?!

Being lazy, here's a photo dump of photos from our lives lately. Not a particular topic but lots of topics in one blog entry!

(A particularly well taken picture of my grandma and I. We have similar eyes)

(It's been a month today since we've discovered his "growth" and he is healthy as a horse!! Thank goodness!!
I love this little guy to pieces, my sweet pea)

(Well, the second round of lettuce has sure been doing better than the first round)

(Same with the basil, looking good and healthy! Can't wait for caprese salad all summer)

(Speaking of caprese salad, our tomatoes have finally started turning red and ripening!)

(We've enjoyed our peas in many dishes already. Really sweet)

(Our baby niece Aly, she's so darling. We had a chance to babysit her for a few hours
and boy was she lots of fun!! And so adorable too! Full of energy this one)

(She loved looking at the colorful fish at the pet store, the Man holding onto this cutie.
She's actually quite heavy, I got tired of holding her after 10-15 minutes! What a

(Of course we had to take her to see the Punas or Robo hamsters!! It's the Puna's uncles!
They were so cute and she was fascinated with them!)

(We took a little time out from the house work and checked out a music festival in Pasadena. We stopped on the
Suicide Bridge/Colorado Street Bridge for a photo op and to enjoy the view)

(Google's fun. It put together this gif of us taking selfies at Vista Hermosa park in DTLA.
We took a Sustainable Landscape tour this past weekend and checked out this gorgeous
park! It was amazing to find such a gem in the middle of busy DT!

June Gloom Go Away,
The Lady

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hope for LA

There are times when I become cynical and lose hope in our city, Los Angeles. There's homelessness, grim, dirt, filth, crime, traffic and so much blah wrapped into this city, it's sometimes hard to see the diamond in the rough. But once in a while this city will surprise you. It's like a real eye opener. It's an awakening.

The cynical me is tucked away and I can once again see the beauty this city offers. It's amazing how many hidden treasures and gems there are. If you don't look closely, it will surely pass you by. You really have to open your eyes, look closely and evaluate the unexpectedness this city has to offer. 

This weekend, after weeks of cynicism (probably due to our house and our neighborhood) I feel like I am once again awaken and more so, excited about the city. There's so much it has to offer that I haven't even begun to discover. Isn't that just exciting?! There's so many 'pockets' within a neighborhood. It's really astounding. Over the weekend, the Man and I discovered pockets of greenery along the LA river and small parks along Elysian valley that we once were looking for homes. Areas where we thought were  shabby and kind of shady have now transformed into a beautiful, semi gentrified, clean space. How can we not know of these spaces?! I've been a Los Angelenos all my life. How have I missed this?!

(Clean, paved bike path along the LA River - which is to the right, and Marsh Park - which is to the left. Who knew
hidden parks and gems such as these existed here!

(Gorgeous grassy knolls at Vista Hermosa Park off 1st Street and Toluca Street in DTLA. Definitely want to check
it out again, it has so much to offer and amazing views!)

(Entrance of Grand Park looking towards City Hall. I love the complete balance and symmetry of this park. If you
turn around, it's completely centered with the LADWP building as well. Another well done urban park)

(The Suicide Bridge in Pasadena, also called the Colorado Street Bridge. We love taking a stroll on this bridge, it's
historical and the views are outstanding. I am a bit scared of heights so it makes me slightly nervous, but we sat at
a little pocket niche and enjoyed the view and beautiful weather)

I really love LA. Though I may forget sometimes, we are so lucky to live in a culture filled, rich of history, eclectic and fun city like Los Angeles.

The Lady

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Crawling Back From the Ledge

Another Great Read from NY Times - Modern Love

This one put a tear to my eye, it was so beautiful and so touching. This story was particularly powerful. Definitely take time to read it if you have ever dealt with depression. I am so lucky to have the Man in my life as sometimes (as everyone does) experiences these ups and downs. He has shown me unconditional love through many bad and ugly times as well as beautiful and bright times. Thank you, for being my Rock.

Crawling Back From the Ledge

The Lady

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mother's Day 2015 - Blueberry Picking at Underwood Farm

Late post for Mother's Day.

We went blueberry picking in Somis for Mother's day taking along my grandma as well. She loved it so much!! Fruit is so expensive in Japan, it was a treat for her to be able to pick and eat blueberries. It was lots of fun and they were really big and sweet too. The strawberries were fun picking too, a little harder since you had to search for them. The blueberries were so abundant, you could just stay at one bush or one row and be done. There were lots and lots of blueberry bushes. The day started off cloudy but eventually the sun came out and it turned out to be a humid day. My heart was not into this wholeheartedly because of Little P. This same day, we took him to the vet after blueberry picking so I was worried the whole morning. Nonetheless, we had a fun time picking and everyone got their share of blueberries (and I felt a bit more humble towards farmers and pickers who pick and harvest fruit, it's tough work!).

(The Man picking blueberries)

(Beautiful bushes of berries)

(Aisles and rows of blueberry bushes)

(My sweet grandma fooling around with her hat as she picks berries)

(The Lady and her grandma)

(Grandma and my mom)

(I love this photo of these two)

(My grandma was full of energy that day, she kept picking and picking!)

(Super sweet strawberries!)

(I love my grandma's happy smile)

(Selfie with grandma!)

(Strawberry picking! Was a bit harder since it was low to the ground)

(Bento lunch time!! Courtesy of my mom and grandma: onigiri, tempura, tamagoyaki)

(We went to the Flower Mart in DTLA together and bought some beautiful orchids)

(Three generations!)

The Lady

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Little P and The Garden

My little P....thank goodness he is a fighter too. What a strong boy he is. It's been about 1.5 since we discovered his growth and took him to the vet. The incision made by the lousy vet is now healing up nicely, but the growth is still very prominent. He's been refusing his antibiotics too. In the beginning, he used to take it quietly without protest, but lately he's been fidgety and frantic. I guess he is "genki" again (which means well in Japanese). He has about the same amount of energy, jumps around everywhere, eats normally, drinks normally, sleeps well. He just has that weird growth on him, which I'm hoping doesn't affect him too much. I love him the way he is, and I hope he stays with us for a while.

In other news, the Garden has been thriving beautifully!!! I'm so happy to see so many green tomatoes!! And for the first time, we have PEAS!! Yay for our little veggie garden! We have 2 small pods of peas right now. I hope they continue growing. Cilantro's doing well except there's small white flowers growing on them and the squash is still growing, no flowers yet.

(small pod of peas)

(so excited to see this!! Yes peas!)

(gorgeous cluster of cherry tomatoes)

Feeling Happy,
The Lady

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Grandpa, the fighter

My grandpa is a fighter. 

And leaving is always so hard. So emotionally difficult. 

I had the pleasure of spending a week with him this time, which I am eternally grateful. I would accompany him to his home or hospital where he would get dialysis for his kidney. I would bring him lunches on days off from dialysis and watch him eat, try to talk to him and watch him fall asleep. I hope he enjoyed my company as well. He would mostly cry when he saw me, and after a while, he would just be quiet and stare at my face.

He was never much of a talker, my grandpa. He never really told stories or how he felt like my grandma. My grandma is very transparent (which I appreciated) and my grandpa a bit more reserved. Moreso now, he doesn't talk. But he tells me he is happy to see me with his tears and his eyes. He doesn't have to say much to express that. I know that he wishes he wasn't in this condition and that he could come back home to LA with me, just to visit a while longer. 

Old age and getting old is terrible. I wish I could stop it. But the most I could do for my grandpa at this stage was just to hold his hand and be by his side. I hope he continues to fight and stay with us as long as possible.

(Grandpa eating lunch at his home)
(He loved the bagel I brought him. He loves bagels, especially onion bagels. I'm glad
he enjoyed it)

(On my way back to my aunt's house, I would pass the Hankyu train station. This trainline has so many
memories tied to me and my family. I love this burgundy color train.)

(Outside the terminal at Itami)

(ANA check in counter at Itami)

(I don't quite remember this airport but before KIX was built, this was the airport we used a lot. My dad
has fond memories of this place)

(Waiting area at Itami)

My Bachan's bento are the best. Like literally, all of her children (my mom and aunts) rave about it. Still to this day, they are adults but love having her make their lunches (bento). Likewise, my grandma's grandchildren (The Lady and my sister) love her bento too. She makes the BEST tamago yaki (sweet egg omelet) and I love her onigiri. This was a fantastic bento, my kind of bento. Tamagoyaki, onigiri, hanpen and Japanese sausages. My goodness, it was glorious. When we got to Haneda, we finally got a place to sit and a few minutes before we had to board, so we ate our really late dinner together.

The pros of traveling with an elderly woman is getting upgraded. We were upgraded to Economy Premium and were right in the front row seats. The leg room was fabulous, plus we got little cool things like slippers to walk around the airplane with. I love flying with ANA!! However, this seat did get slightly annoying because I had no where to put my feet again. It just like danged in the air (because I'm short), I wish I had an ottoman or something.

(My grammy, all set and ready to go! I can't believe how lucky I am to still be
able to travel with her!)

.........................And we're back in LA. Wow, big jump. The first few days are always such a culture shock to me. It always has been, ever since I was a child. Coming back is depressing and usually takes me a week or so to get back in the norm of things.

The Man made progress on the ceiling and rushed to finish this all up by the time I got home. The ceiling drywall was screwed in and the lights were installed. We're still missing the two surface mounts, but the recessed lighting is in. Ceiling looks great! Again, the Man has proven he can do anything! (and thank you to the Man and his mom for cleaning up the disgusting mess before I got home).

Caught In Two Worlds,
The Lady