Monday, January 12, 2015

New Year, New Challenges

Happy New Year!! 2015!!

First blog of the year.... here we go.

What a delightful way to start the new year! On January 2nd, our ceiling in the "brown" room aka our TV and temporary living room just fell down. Yes, out of nowhere. Well not exactly. There was a hairline crack around Christmas time which exponentially grew everyday but we tried to ignore it, hoping it would just hold. And it did not hold. In fact, the plaster ceiling came crumbling down on our sofa and rug. Good thing my little Punas were not hurt! So here's the damage:

(Exposed lath and missing plaster)

(The Man was right on it, the next day filling the hole with drywall)

(Drywall puzzle)

(Drywall puzzle with washers to hold down the existing plaster ceiling edges)

(The Man carefully cutting out drywall "puzzle" pieces)

(The next day, plastering begins....and the Lady is taping up the seams with fabric mesh tape, to keep the seams from
cracking as the Man claims. There is no way to put mesh tape up without getting dirty, it's a messy job!)

(just like that, here's my contribution: mesh tape on the seams between drywall and plaster. The Man swears by
this. Otherwise, you'll be sorry with cracks down the seams)

(Tape while the plaster mud is still wet, so it can adhere well)

(Me on the ladder looking out to our street)

Offffff course with any construction or renovation, you always hit a hiccup. Plastering on the old ceiling with a combo of the new drywall has backfired a tad on the man. We got some major bubbling and peeling from the old ceiling (not strong enough to hold the new plaster), so the Man had to remove the new plaster that he just plastered on and put big chunks of mesh up on the ceiling to hold the new plaster to the old ceiling. Yes, complicated, tedious hard work.

It set him back a few days and frustrated him as well. He said he's drywalling all of the ceilings from now on.Sounds good! Plus we got some rain this weekend, which dampened the environment, so we couldn't paint. He finished plastering and sanding/sponging the ceilings but we're just waiting for all of it to dry up to paint.

Patience. Live and learn. Two attributes we will probably come across again and again this year.

Working mode,
The Lady

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve! Last day of 2014.....

Wow, where did 2014 go?! Is it already the last day of the year?

So much has happened this year. This year started off with my grandpa being hospitalized and me flying over to Japan to see him, followed by scuba diving lessons and testing, then finding a house and making an offer on it, onto our first trip to Cozumel and Mexico (for scuba diving), to come back to more waiting for court dates on our house, to winning the house bid, through escrow, then through a grueling, pull-my-hair-out 2.5 months of bathroom and kitchen renovations, then another month of clean up and prep for our big move, then the actual big move during Thanksgiving weekend, then unpacking and living in boxes for a few weeks, then Christmas of course wigh family, then finally here we are. Last day of this year and we are still fixing up and working on the house. We are still living in boxes and probably will be for another few months. Wow. WHAT. A. YEAR. 

Here are some words to best describe this year:

roller coaster
new beginnings
constant movement 

Like Little P here in this picture I am hopeful and looking up towards 2015. I hope it's filled with happiness and health for the Man and I as well as all our family and friends. 

The Lady

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Week

Christmas week is here. Wow, wow, wow. Where did time go? I say this every year, but time goes by faster and faster as you grow older.

It is almost a month since we've moved in. Wow, I can't believe it! It seems like just last week when family and friends were helping us move in. The house is still a scattered mess and everywhere we look there is something to do, but we are taking it slowly, one step at a time. We can't get to everything at once. 

One day the water heater might be down, another day the gas is off, the next day the garage opener is not working. The joys of being a home owner. What I do appreciate is, is having a roof over our heads and having a nice home with the Man. I love that this is ours and we are to make this our home. Everyday it is getting more and more comfortable, and less like camping. I also love that we have our own washer/dryer now, so we can do laundry anytime!! Super convenient.

We hope by next year, we can get both our families and celebrate it at our home. It's a bit too early this year, considering the living room hasn't even been touched yet. We can't wait till the house is ready for family and friends to come over.

Here are some pictures from our 2014 Christmas card and also of our skinny Christmas tree!

Loving Christmas Music,
The Lady

Friday, November 28, 2014

We're Officially Moving In!!!

Long day coming, but finally here's the day!! July 29th, 2014 we closed on this house and received the keys. Here we are on November 28, 2014, moving into our new house!! It felt like forever, but for the amount of renovations we did, I guess the timing was about right.

We're excited but sad to leave our hometown where we grew up but we can't wait to make this new home ours!

The Lady

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lost track of the weeks.....

Been too busy lately to update!!

And I've definitely lost track of the weeks. Everything has been a whirlwind after the kitchen/bath renovations finally ended earlier this month. Since then, the Man and I have been pushing to get the house ready for move in. We were very fortunate to have family members help us through this process, we really couldn't of done it without their help. Just us, with 2 pairs of hands didn't cut it!! It has been an overwhelming journey, push push push, clean clean clean, rip rip, sweep sweep, wipe wipe. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

The Man's Project: Redoing EVERYTHING in our Master Bedroom

The Lady's Project: Taking out the carpet/nails/screws/staples in the Stairway (gross and such backbreaking hard work!!)

Having family members help us with the other rooms!

More pictures to come.....and here's my little baby, Little P (and Fat P in the back) !! He keeps me sane.

Tired but pumped,
The Lady

Friday, October 24, 2014

Week 12: Big strides, little bumps

Week 12, done!! Lots of big strides were made, but still are some nasty little bumps in the road.....

(We have a fridge!!! So gorgeous!! And a stove, and a sink, and cabinets.....)

(We have our washer/dryer hooked up!! Yay, our very own laundry machine!)

(Our Quartz counters are in! And the subway backsplash looks pretty good too!)

(Backsplash check. Sink check. Quartz counters check. Pendant lights check!)

(We FINALLY have a toilet!!)

(Wainscotting's in, though it was installed wrong & not primed....)

(O.M.G. GORGEOUS!!!! Wow, the cararra marble is beautiful!! Came out just perfect!! PERFECT!)

(Yes, something right for once! Gorgeous!)

(In other news, this is the Man's hardwork so far in our bedroom. He has replastered all the walls and ceiling.
Now he's sanding the trim and walls/ceilings getting it ready for paint!)

(In other news: I had to go to Bakersfield this week for a job site meeting. I stop by
to see my cute little niece. She's just adorable, she's almost 1!)

(Cutie pie!!)

This week was better,
Lady Out!