Friday, October 24, 2014

Week 12: Big strides, little bumps

Week 12, done!! Lots of big strides were made, but still are some nasty little bumps in the road.....

(We have a fridge!!! So gorgeous!! And a stove, and a sink, and cabinets.....)

(We have our washer/dryer hooked up!! Yay, our very own laundry machine!)

(Our Quartz counters are in! And the subway backsplash looks pretty good too!)

(Backsplash check. Sink check. Quartz counters check. Pendant lights check!)

(We FINALLY have a toilet!!)

(Wainscotting's in, though it was installed wrong & not primed....)

(O.M.G. GORGEOUS!!!! Wow, the cararra marble is beautiful!! Came out just perfect!! PERFECT!)

(Yes, something right for once! Gorgeous!)

(In other news, this is the Man's hardwork so far in our bedroom. He has replastered all the walls and ceiling.
Now he's sanding the trim and walls/ceilings getting it ready for paint!)

(In other news: I had to go to Bakersfield this week for a job site meeting. I stop by
to see my cute little niece. She's just adorable, she's almost 1!)

(Cutie pie!!)

This week was better,
Lady Out!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Wrap up of Week 11: Cabinetry

With the way things started with the tiling, the Man and I were NOT looking forward to having the cabinetry crew come in next to tell us, probably, that our walls are crooked and they can't install it. We were expecting the worst.

Lo and behold, cabinetry started and ended this week without any issues! What's that you say?! No issues?! Can't be. Well one little issue. There was the whole nightmare of running around town like a chicken without a head looking for an apron sink with a taller front "apron." And the chicken without the head, yeah, that would be me, the Lady.

This was my screw up so I should take responsibility for it, but it sure did not come easy. We ordered a freaking apron sink from Home Depot online, which had the longest leadtime ever. Of course, me being all in a hurry, did not think twice and ordered the 6" bad. Last minute, Sunday night, we changed our minds and wanted to get the 9" apron sink with a taller front. It has a better design to it anyway. Problem is, where the heck do we get it?!

Scrambled around and around, called people left and right, and finally found that Ferguson's in Redondo Beach can not only order it, they can overnight it!! WTF?!? I will never order anything from HD online again!! So I ran over to Ferguson's, ordered the darn thing (which turned out to be even cheaper than HD!) and prayed that it would actually arrive the next morning. After being burned so many times with leadtimes, I would not be surprised if it wasn't there.

Tuesday morning, boom. Miracle, hallelujah!! It was there. Our beautiful Kohler K6487 9" apron sink, ready for me to pick up. Just like the sale person at Ferguson's promised. Finally, something that worked out!! Here are some pictures from the cabinetry install, which to me and the Man's relief, came out just the way we wanted!

(I am so sick of this yucky, disgusting green carpet!!)

(The knobs we went with, brushed stainless steel)

(Is it weird that I am excited about a trash pull-out?! Yay, hidden trashcans!)

(Oh you apron sink, you caused me so much grief)

(Laundry room's cabinetry)

(Love the cup pulls on the drawers!)

(Can't believe this is ours!)

(9" Apron sink, you look so lovely, you are perfect!)

Next up! Counter install and all finishing fixtures!!!

Can't wait to finish this rat race,
The Lady

Saturday, October 11, 2014

End of Week 10: Tile's complete

Wow, time is just flying and it sure isn't slowing down at all. Week 10 seems like a blur honestly and here we are starting off Week 11. Things are lining up but it's mid-October which is making me nervous about completion time.

Tiling started and finished all in Week 10...Looking pretty good actually, despite Week 9's nightmare.

(Master bath)

(Master bath - shower niche, came out excellent despite our worries)

(Kitchen - beginning of the herringbone pattern)

(Kitchen - notice the nice freaking gap and height difference to the
existing hardwood floors)

(Master bath - chair rail is in on top, looks great)

(Master bath - love love love the white 2" hexagons w/ dark grey grout!)

(Kitchen - completed!! The wood porcelain tiles with the white grout in a
herringbone pattern came out just lovely!)

(Kitchen - love it!! Beautiful! I must say the tile crew - who actually did the work - were really professional)

(This is no bueno, this is the height difference from the laundry room to the exterior door....yeah....thanks for an
unforeseen step!!)

(Kitchen - looking into the pantry)

(Master bath - my favorite room so far. Oh my goodness, the black and white hexagons came out PERFECT!!)

(Love our floors, very vintage)

The Man and I luckily found a guy in the valley who would custom cut a piece of Carrara Marble for the shower curb! It was superb and such a good deal!! With all our bad luck, I can't believe this actually worked out for us.

(Marble guy cutting a piece of Cararra marble for the shower step)

In other news, the Man is still working on the first bedroom in time for us to move in. Plastering is really difficult for him but he's starting to get used to it. It's definitely labor intensive work! Thank you honey for all the work you do!!

(Plastering - who knew it would be such a bitch?!)

(Plastering - there is an art to mixing the compound and quickly plastering it
on the walls before it dries)

(Ceiling prep to take on plaster)

(The Man vigorously plastering the ceiling....which is hard on his shoulders and neck) 


Sleep deprived,
The Lady

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Week 9: Painting's done, Tiling Begins

Week 9 started off pretty much in paint mode. I would've never guessed that painting would be such a pain in the butt. Wow. So much work goes into painting. Prepping was the worst part I think. The Man and I along with friends and family members worked till wee-hours of the night painting 5 rooms in 3 days/nights. What an achievement!! Now for the other 7 rooms in the house......(big sigh)

(The Man sanding down the edges since the GC did such a crappy job of it)

(The Man sanding down the edges since the GC did such a crappy job of it)

(The Man's friend helping us out)

(We even called our moms to help us out)

(The Man starting to paint the edges first)

(The Man and I painted till the wee-hours of the night. It's like college all over again)

(The outcome - we are pretty happy with the grey. Behr Ultra Premium - Color Sparrow)

(Why yes, we did go BLACK in the bathroom!!)

(Yes, black's a bit dramatic. We wanted dramatic and elegant/classy)

You know, I should not be surprised with surprises anymore. In fact, I should expect it. This whole reno process has been one surprise after another. However, every time I see an unforeseen surprise or something that doesn't look right, I get an anxiety attack. It's just my nature I guess. I need everything to be perfect. And with an old house, ya just don't get perfect, son!

Breaking point for the Lady. The tile guys and GC just about did it for me. I lost my temper and every bit of confidence I had in them. The height of the "floating cement" came out to be ridiculously unreasonable. It is more like a "curb" rather than a leveling. Floating cement should be 1"~2" at most, not 4"~6"!!!! W.T.F!?!?!? What is going to happen with our transitions? What about the thresholds? god, it's a nightmare.

(I wish I could just forget this whole floating cement nightmare....)

(There is actually 3"+ floating cement towards the back of the powder room...)

(UGHHHHH!!!! When I see this I cringe. W.T.F!! Look at that height difference!!)

(Kill me now, that is the transitional height difference from the kitchen to the living!!)

Please wake me up,
The Lady