Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Love of My Life

Lady here, I'm back from Japan.

It was tough coming home from Japan and it's always a culture shock to come back to the States after being in Japan. It's honestly kind of depressing and always leaves me sad and down for a few days. I love being in Japan, and because it's like my second home, it is heartbreaking to leave. Part of me never wants to leave.

Being down and sad about coming back to good ol' LA, a glimpse of happiness lies in the fact that my dear 84 year old grandma came home with me. Yes, I love this lady. She is my heart, my love, my second mother, the kindest, most caring, forgiving, honest, strong and understanding person that ever walked this earth. No words can describe what this woman means to me and my family. I am just overjoyed that she is in my life and decided (and was able) to come home to LA with me this time around.

Being in LA, so far away from Japan and my family members, I often forget how much I love my family and how important they are. I am so grateful, so so grateful that I am reminded during opportunities like this, of what special people I have in my life and the time we get to spend together. I am thankful for trips to Japan that make me humble and remind me of the simple, true things in life that really matter. Family.

Humble and grateful,
The Lady

Thursday, April 9, 2015

NY Times, Modern Love - Good Reads

I follow the NY Time's column "Modern Love" and they seem to publish a weekly story or two which has caught my eye and interests. This week's in particular. It was a touching article, completely different from what the title conveyed.

If anyone has had a love one affected by Alzheimer's, this is a fascinating article (link below).

A Boyfriend Too Good to Be True

Let's read,
The Lady

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Something's eating our veggies, Japan's calling

Well........ our garden is being eaten. Not by the Lady or the Man. By something, mysteriously. I think it's a caterpillar or slugs. We have been making progress with all the veggies except the basil!! SO sad considering that fact that I was looking forward to a plethora of basil and pesto this summer!! Dude.......

Our basil leaves have been eaten up and are hole-ly :( Boo, sad face. Don't know the exact cause either and it just seems to be our basil plant. A few holes here and there in the tomato and pea plants but pretty much everyone else is healthy! What's going on........

(The peas!! So healthy!)

(Yellow summer squash for grilling)

(YES!! Finally some cilantro!!! Salsa time!)

(nice leafy lettuce)

(Our swiss cheese, eaten up basils)

(tomato plant is thriving)

(there's a bunch of black dots on these)
(on the other hand, the Man has taken upon him to start a landscaping project and rip up the front yard. He's
putting mulch where the rose bushes are, rose bushes were prune by the Lady)

(Looks like a land mine!)

As for travelling, the Lady is leaving for Japan this weekend and can't be more excited!! Japan pictures to follow!! Time to eat some really good sushi and Bachan's home cooking!

Hungry already,
The Lady

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Man in Germany, Lady in LA

So the Man's been gone on a business trip to Germany all week, but comes home today! Yay! A week long trip for work in Frankfurt, Germany. I admit, I am a little jealous. I love travelling and any excuse to do so, I'm game! Wish I could've joined him but he was mostly working the whole time.

As for the Lady back in LA, it was pretty uneventful. My veggie garden has been growing tremendously, making great strides! So lame but this is super exciting for me. Who knew gardening could be such joy! This must be how people feel playing Farmville, except with real life Farmville, you get to eat your veggies once they grow!!



(Butter lettuce)

(Cilantro, was worried about these guys because they were late boomers, but
they've finally sprouted!)


(Can't wait... Basil! Pesto all summer!)

(First bud on the tomato plant!)

(The Lady's humble garden)

(This little guy's been keeping me company all week. Little P actually let me pet him this week).

Excited the Man is back,
The Lady

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Transplanting has started!

Finally, 1 month after we started building this raised bed planter (2.14.15), we filled up the planter with a mixture of soils and we transplanted and also planted some seeds! Yay progression! And it looks pretty rad too! I can't wait for the veggies to start growing. I have to put on a netting so animals can't get it to but it is pretty much complete. Now for the sun to do its work.

(Finally filled with lots of soil and worms!)

(The Man picking out WORMS from the garden....yuck)

(Transplanting has happened)

(I'm already out of space and I have so much more to plant!)

(It was so bloody hot this weekend, found
Little P in this odd position, pressed up against
the glass. Poor baby was so hot)

Impatient for some veggies,
The Lady

Friday, March 13, 2015

It's like Summer is here!

Holy moly, it is HOT! Well, at least today it is, and apparently this weekend it's going to be in the 90s!! That's record heat for March!

I love it though. Perks of being an LAer, the beautiful weather. And because of this gorgeous warm weather, my little seedlings have started to sprout!! I was so excited, it's funny. The smallest little thing like seeing sprouts made me so happy! Urban gardening has happened! This weekend I plan to transplant the plants into our planter. Yay, finally!

(My tomatoes in the garage)

(My tomatoes in the garage)

(Basil started sprouting too!)

(My Miraclegrow experiment - all of them have sprouted, indoors)

(My organic soil experiment - only 1 seedling has sprouted indoors)

(Even Little P thinks it's hot!)

The Lady

Saturday, February 28, 2015

So many steps to this planter.....when will I plant?!

Holy cow, I feel like we've been working on this planter forever. I guess it doesn't help that we took a couple weekends off because of the rain. But wow, started on V-day and now we are at the end of February and I still haven't planted!

Well, I got started at least. In those small planter containers, so the seeds won't freeze and die off. Bought 2 cubic feet bags of soil from Home Depot over the weekend to plant my little seedlings. We lined the planter with weed blocking liner and finally attached the corner pieces. The air compressor and staple gun were fun to use! Kinda scary at first (because it blows air every time you staple), but once you get used to it, it's a piece of cake! Look at me, the Lady using the Man's power tools! Looking complete! Next weekend, if we have good weather, I think I'm going to finally plant some stuff!! The veggies that can handle being planted directly I mean (basil, cilantro, lettuce). Moving right along....

In other news, looks like March is going to be a crazy month for us. Seems like lots of things are going on, the biggest is the Man is going on a business trip to Germany! How exciting....actually not so much because he'll be working and going with his boss. As for the Lady, I bought a ticket to go back to the homeland (Japan) to see my family and spend time with my grandparents this coming April. I am so excited to go, I love going to see my family, spending time with them, I love everything about Japan, and I love and miss the food so so much.

(Starting the liner, corners were difficult!)

(Yay, corner piece is finally attached!)

(Say Hello to my little friend.....haha just kidding. Just our little donut compressor
and the staple gun, which also shoots nails too. Nifty little tool)

(Ah the Man looks like such a weekend Dad doesn't he? What's more homey than
seeing your husband mow the lawn and get rid of weeds on a weekend?)

(Lots of dead grass)

(Gorgeous weekend, blue skies and green grass)

(Our rose bushes are on steroids, they keep blooming even though when we don't water it! Grass is looking
much better now, it was getting pretty high)
(This is a BEFORE picture of the grass and rose bushes, crazy how quickly the grass grows)

(Another Before picture of the grass. We don't even water the lawn!)

(Spent the majority of the weekend putting seeds and soil into these little starter planters. These are
mostly tomatoes)

(This is inside my side of the garage, where it's fairly warm and gets good amount of sunlight)

(Grow my little babies!)

Getting excited for some veggies,
The Lady