Saturday, February 28, 2015

So many steps to this planter.....when will I plant?!

Holy cow, I feel like we've been working on this planter forever. I guess it doesn't help that we took a couple weekends off because of the rain. But wow, started on V-day and now we are at the end of February and I still haven't planted!

Well, I got started at least. In those small planter containers, so the seeds won't freeze and die off. Bought 2 cubic feet bags of soil from Home Depot over the weekend to plant my little seedlings. We lined the planter with weed blocking liner and finally attached the corner pieces. The air compressor and staple gun were fun to use! Kinda scary at first (because it blows air every time you staple), but once you get used to it, it's a piece of cake! Look at me, the Lady using the Man's power tools! Looking complete! Next weekend, if we have good weather, I think I'm going to finally plant some stuff!! The veggies that can handle being planted directly I mean (basil, cilantro, lettuce). Moving right along....

In other news, looks like March is going to be a crazy month for us. Seems like lots of things are going on, the biggest is the Man is going on a business trip to Germany! How exciting....actually not so much because he'll be working and going with his boss. As for the Lady, I bought a ticket to go back to the homeland (Japan) to see my family and spend time with my grandparents this coming April. I am so excited to go, I love going to see my family, spending time with them, I love everything about Japan, and I love and miss the food so so much.

(Starting the liner, corners were difficult!)

(Yay, corner piece is finally attached!)

(Say Hello to my little friend.....haha just kidding. Just our little donut compressor
and the staple gun, which also shoots nails too. Nifty little tool)

(Ah the Man looks like such a weekend Dad doesn't he? What's more homey than
seeing your husband mow the lawn and get rid of weeds on a weekend?)

(Lots of dead grass)

(Gorgeous weekend, blue skies and green grass)

(Our rose bushes are on steroids, they keep blooming even though when we don't water it! Grass is looking
much better now, it was getting pretty high)
(This is a BEFORE picture of the grass and rose bushes, crazy how quickly the grass grows)

(Another Before picture of the grass. We don't even water the lawn!)

(Spent the majority of the weekend putting seeds and soil into these little starter planters. These are
mostly tomatoes)

(This is inside my side of the garage, where it's fairly warm and gets good amount of sunlight)

(Grow my little babies!)

Getting excited for some veggies,
The Lady

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Finishing up the planter, rain is getting in the way....

I know CA is in a drought, but the rain on the weekends (not the weekdays though!) has really been screwing up our schedules. We can't work on anything outdoors when it's raining, and sadly, our planter has been the same since V-day. I want to start planting already!

We assembled the planter (by putting dowel rods in them) and painted a water sealer on it so the redwood wouldn't rot from all the moisture (which made the redwood look a tad orange). I also sodded the land.....and wow, was that back breaking work or what?!? I have humble appreciation for farmers now. It really does a number on your back racking soil, pulling out weeds, leveling the soil, fluffing up the soil, this and that. We're not even using that ground soil!! Anyway, it was a good learning experience.

(Before the plowing/wedding began)

(Before the plowing/wedding began, hard work!!)

(After, all the grass and weeds are gone)

(Nice and clean)

(Water sealer coated planter)

Spring is around the corner,
The Lady

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Weekend Project: Planter Building

So here we go!! Here's basically our planter building process. Thursday evening we went to Home Depot and spent hours there (3 to be exact, ugh!) picking out wood, the exact wood, the exact cuts, the exact measurements. I hate planning at HD, but we do it so much! I drew it all out and we decided to go with Option 2, but of course, things changed at the store.

(My notes and drawings, and long planks of redwood)

(That's a lot of wood! Heavy too!)

(So we spent close to $200 (!!!) on redwood itself!! Yes, scary. A $200 planter is NOT worth it right?
Yes, it was alittle painful, but it's a learning experience. And yes, this is the Man's
jerry-ridged version of a truck again)

(Saturday morning, Valentine's day, got up early and got started! Spreading out the pieces in our garage)

(90 degree corners are important!)

(Spread out in our backyard)

(I actually helped quite a bit, I held down the planks and held them together while
the Man drilled in the screws. It was a team effort!)
(First level box done! Two more to go! Of course HD didn't cut all the pieces on
point, so we had some short, some long pieces. Annoying....)

(My clever Man made a template for all the screws to go in the same position on
every piece of wood! Made things go by so much faster, and looks even too!)

(And Voila! El Fin...not quite, but here's 3 levels of boxes! It came out GREAT!! Look how fantastic that looks!!!
Amazed that it actually came out great looking. And the redwood is beautiful)

(Now for the actual hard part...the lip or ledge on this planter. The Man had a hard time
mitering the edges and making it all come together)

(Well here it is!! We had to use the nail gun and some gorilla glue to hold the miter
edges together. This came out great. The 45 degrees actually came together quite well.
Gorilla glue is the only glue I will use for projects like this)

(Finished product! Looks AMAZING!!! Can't wait to get plants and dirt in there!)

Actually, we're not quite done yet....looks done but we're putting on a water sealer coat so the wood doesn't rot. Then we got to put the corner pieces on to hide the butt joints on the corners. Another aesthetic thing, not structural support.

Then we have to line the thing with liner, fill the whole thing up with soil (yes lots of it!) and then finally, finally we get to plant some seeds! Long process folks!

The Lady

Friday, February 13, 2015

Spring Is Here: Vegetable Garden & Raised Bed Planters

So it's beginning to warm up...and it's only February!! We have had really nice weather so far, this week it has been in the mid-80s!! Wonderful weather!

Which only means one thing......time to start the vegetable garden! I have a nasty habit to start something (like a fun project such as this) and then lose interest and not finish it! However, this one, I have to finish, I want to finish!! I'm tired of running out to the grocery store and paying $2-3 for a bunch of basil and about $1 for cilantro! We use it so much, it should be readily available. Hence my motivation for really getting this veggie garden started.

I also want to plant some tomatoes, lettuce, kale, green beans, and herbs........a little too optimistic and  a little much for a novice?! Yes....perhaps. I have no clue what I'm doing. They probably won't even sprout. But well, here goes. I definitely want to do tomatoes because spending summers in Japan at my grandparent's house, where my grandpa always had tomatoes, cucumbers and all kinds of veggies, I definitely want that feeling again. We ate tomatoes for days and days, breakfast, lunch and dinner. There was so much, you didn't know what to do with it. It was fantastic. I would love a garden like my grandparents'.

So here we go. I approached the Man about this, to this he scoffed a little bit mostly because he knows how I start projects and then don't finish them....which basically means, he has to take over. I drew up some plans for my raised bed planter boxes and we're going to build them this weekend!! Woohoo!! Hope it all goes well! This is how we spend out Valentine's Day, building planter boxes and getting our backyard ready to plant some veggies (as in cut some ugly trees down, mow the lawn, pull out weeds!!)......ah do we sound like a bunch of retirees now? Lol.

Inspirations {found some neat images online}

(Gorgeous! I would love multiple planter boxes and a backyard this big!)

Our designs {I'm leaning towards Option 2}

The Lady